Eritrean Community of Hull & East Yorkshire

A safe, welcoming space

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ECOHEY is a community led organisation set up to promote the interests of the Eritrean community that live and work in Hull and East Yorkshire. Whether you are new to the area or have lived here for years, we are a place to connect and share experiences, as well as find help.

Our Objectives

Increase community

Health and Wellbeing

Raise Awareness

Founder's message

While we work and live in the UK and feel proud of that we also want to keep our culture from Eritrea. We hope that through this organisation you can connect with us and celebrate our shared background and experiences.

We encourage our community to be fully integrated members of UK society. This is done through engagement, volunteering opportunities, activities, and most importantly through taking part in all aspects of British society. We wish that our community can give back to the country that is our home away from home.


Eritrean flag

We at the Eritrean Community of Hull and East Yorkshire are encouraging all our members and the wider community to follow government guidance on Coronavirus. It is imperative we get vaccinated to avoid further outbreaks and lockdowns.

For more information and to book your vaccination appointment, please follow the link below.